Cebu To Bohol – How To Plan Your Holiday!

If you’re thinking of a holiday to Bohol, and wondering what the best way is to get from Cebu to Bohol, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find everything you need to know on how to get from Cebu to Bohol, where to stay and what to do on Bohol island!

cebu to bohol
The ‘Chocolate Hills’ Of Bohol, Philippines

Cebu to Bohol

From the wondrous ‘Chocolate Hills’ and intriguing primates, to tropical beaches and rivers, there’s a lot to love about the beautiful island of Bohol.

So what’s the best way to get there?

Well that’s why we’re here! Whether you’ve arrived to Cebu by plane or boat from another island, your primary and best option is to take a fast ferry from Cebu port to Tagbilaran port on Bohol island.

There are a number of ferry companies departing from Cebu’s main ferry terminal, however if you want to get there as quickly and smoothly as possible, we’d highly recommend booking with OceanJet ferry company.

Cebu to Bohol ferry
A typical OceanJet boat from Cebu to Bohol

OceanJet run several services per day and the journey time is only 2 hours! Yes this is fast compared to many of the other options available, which can typically take up to around 4 hours! However most importantly, OceanJet run a reliable and professional service (in our experience)!

Can you arrange your ticket in advance?

Well the short answer is you don’t need to! All you have to do is simply check the ferry schedules online and plan to arrive early to arrange your ticket at the port. With sailings approximately every hour in the morning and every 2 hours in the afternoon from Cebu to Bohol (Tagbilaran Port), there are plenty of services to choose from. (Note: At the time of writing, it isn’t possible to buy your ticket online so this is the best option!) However if you find your planned ferry to be full, which is possible during peak travel seasons (such as around Christmas time and other public holidays), there are plenty of other companies running regular ferries.

Cebu to Bohol ferry
OceanJet Ticketing Office At The Port

How early should you arrive?

Aim to arrive at least 45 minutes before your chosen sailing time. This will give you a strong chance of getting a ticket for your desired ferry time, and also provide enough time to arrange the following things before you board:

  1. Purchase ferry tickets
  2. Arrange fixed seats
  3. Check-in any large luggage (note that 1 hand-carried baggage is included but there is a fee for any additional luggage)
  4. Pay for terminal fees
  5. Pass through security to the ferry terminal waiting area
Cebu To Bohol
OceanJet’s Terminal Waiting Area

So what did we like most about OceanJet?

The ticketing and boarding process was smooth and efficient. The journey was comfortable and even included movie entertainment (highly unexpected!) and most importantly, we departed and arrived on time!

What to do on arrival to Tagbilaran Port on Bohol island?

If you’re visiting Bohol for the first time, then we’d highly recommend that you arrange a pick up transfer through your accommodation. As always in the Philippines, we highly recommend booking your accommodation in advance and Bohol is no different!

Where To Stay On Bohol

Once you’ve made it to Bohol, where should you stay? Well you have a couple of main options to choose from. You’ll need to decide between the beach (Alona Beach is typically the most popular) or further inland (closer to the island’s main sights such as the Chocolate Hills).

Our pick? The Loboc River! With stunning tropical palm trees, incredible sunsets and relaxing riverside activities (see section below!), as well as being close to the island’s main sights such as the Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Sanctuary, this was the perfect option for us.

Cebu to Bohol
The Loboc River, Bohol

However, if it’s beach time you’re looking for, then Alona Beach is the island’s most popular option. It’s also possible to book island tours to the Chocolate Hills etc from here.

The other advantage of staying by the Loboc River is that you’ll find many more budget accommodation options, particularly during high season (December to March). Use the link below to search and book accommodation on Bohol.

Looking For Accommodation In Cebu Or Bohol?

If you’re looking for some accommodation options in Cebu, Bohol or elsewhere in the Philippines, we recommend you check out Agoda. Whenever we’re making plans for a new destination, we always research the accommodation options first to check what’s available. That’s just our travel style. If you want to get some accommodation ideas in Bohol, Cebu, or anywhere else in the Philippines, check out the options below!

cebu to bohol

cebu to bohol

Top Things To Do On Bohol

So you’ve made it from Cebu to Bohol, and you’ve found a place to stay, what are the top things to do on Bohol? Here’s some of the best!

  • Visit the Chocolate Hills!
  • Meet the island’s famous primates at the Tarsier Sanctuary
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Loboc River (our favourite activity!)
  • Firefly watching by night
  • Visit the small but perfectly formed Butterfly Sanctuary Of Bohol
  • Take a cruise down the Loboc River
  • Boat Trips
  • Diving or snorkelling off the Island’s South Coast
  • And simply admiring some of the best sunsets in the world (in our opinion!)
cebu to bohol
Incredible sunsets by the Loboc River, Bohol

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